What are the types of building maintenance?

Building repair and maintenance services primarily consist of work done to keep buildings in good working condition, as well as services and activities performed on a regular basis such as cleaning. The fundamental factor in defining the needed degree of maintenance is the function for which the building is for. Building maintenance should safeguard the safety of the building occupants, while also adhering to statutory requirements. There are different types of building maintenance which include: 

Routine Maintenance

To improve their appearance, maintain safe conditions, and fulfill their intended purpose, buildings require some regular maintenance. Regular inspections are conducted by building repair experts to identify areas that require care, and then the maintenance jobs are completed. They are done to keep the structure in good working order and prevent it from becoming non-functional due to early deterioration.

To keep the building functioning and safeguard it from early degradation, it must be maintained on a regular basis. A building structure is made up of several pieces that are placed in various locations and are constructed of various materials. All of them are subject to natural deterioration as a result of aging. 

Replacing a broken doorknob, oiling a squeaky latch, or replacing a broken floorboard as part of routine building maintenance. Maintenance staff may also repair burned-out light bulbs, adjust the air conditioning system’s filters, or replace a difficult-to-operate lock.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance entails tasks that are necessary to keep the building in good condition, as well as resistant to early deterioration or damage. The term “preventive maintenance” refers to the process of enhancing the quality of a building’s construction in order to make it much more functional and durable.

Preventive building maintenance comprises activities to avoid mildew, attacks from insects, water damage, excessive usage, unintentional damage, and other issues from deteriorating components. In the course of the building’s lifetime, it may be subjected to natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms, floods, and so on. To allow the building to resist them, appropriate preventative measures must be integrated into the construction and design. 

Remedial Maintenance

Even if all available preventative precautions are taken and regular maintenance is performed, a building may succumb to deterioration and deterioration, which would necessitate corrective measures. The elimination of any decaying or damaged components of the building, as well as the elimination of any defects in the structure, is referred to as remedial repair maintenance. The structure may display signs of deterioration due to a variety of factors.

Repair or restoration work must be done without enabling the potential fault to worsen, causing more significant structural damage. Before beginning any repair work, the source and precise location of the damage or defect must be determined for appropriate removal. Repairing any damage or flaw at random without determining the source may result in significant damage in the future rather than correcting the genuine issues.

Protective Maintenance

Painting and cleaning are two things that certain surfaces require in addition to an aesthetic inspection. Staircases, entry walks, and other ornamental aspects made of steel require weather protection and appropriate coating to avoid corrosion and degradation. Pillars and beams, for example, require frequent inspection and protective coating for durability.

Electrical installations are also made safe by having them installed as well as maintained by qualified professionals. The installation must be examined on a regular basis, and a comprehensive record of the work must be kept. Some protective measures that can be carried out include insulation and polarity testing. 

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